What's the story?

Happy Pigs

The welfare of the pigs that produce our pork is of the utmost importance to us. That is why we only use pork from pigs that have been reared outdoors to the highest standards.

Traditional Dry Curing

We use our own curing blend to produce our bacon. Unlike commercially available bacon where up to 30% water is added we actually lose 20% in the curing process.

50% more bacon equals less shrinkage and more flavour.

Real Butcher’s Sausages

All our sausages are hand made and linked into natural casings in the traditional British butcher’s style. The recipes have been developed to enhance the flavour of the pork and leave a pleasing and moreish aftertaste, for breakfast we do not want to overpower the flavour with too much herb.


frequently asked questions

Ordering & Delivery

To reduce our impact on the environment we only deliver twice a week via our trusted courier.

Sticking to this delivery schedule also enables us to produce your sausages FRESH to order, thus maximising shelf life.

Wednesday Delivery: Order cut off Time Monday 4pm

Friday Delivery: Order Cut off time Wednesday 4pm

Shelf Life & Storage


Your bacon will be received vacuum packed with a fresh shelf life of 21 days, once the pack is opened use within 5 days. 

Please store under refrigeration at below 4°c. Suitable for freezing at below -18°c and stored for 12 months, use within 5 days of defrost. 


You will receive your sausages tray wrapped with a fresh use by of at least 8 days, please store below 4°c.

Suitable for freezing below -18°c for up to 12 months (please freeze immediately upon receipt). Use within 5 days of defrost.

Packaging & the Environment

We use only food safe packaging that can be easily recycled.

Outer Box: made from recycled cardboard, can be recycled and is biodegradable.

Inner Box Liner: Lightweight material tested to maintain product temperature for up to 48 hours. Fold flat and fully recyclable.

Hydratek Ice Packs: placed on top of product to assist in maintaining safe temperature during transport. Safe to reuse and totally recyclable.

Bacon Vacuum Bags: Totally recyclable

Sausage Tray and film: Totally recyclable

Returns & Product Guarantee

We fully guarantee the quality of our products. In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the products you receive, please contact us

As this is fresh product returns are not available, however we are happy to discuss your grievance and will happily stand by our products.