The Perfect Full English

Award-winning traditional butchers sausages and dry cure bacon combinations designed to work in harmony.

Choose from Traditional, Rustic & Free From

Award Winning “Nose to Tail” Butchery

Beech Smoked Dry Cure Back

Black Strap Dry Cure Back

Beech Smoked Streaky Bacon

Traditional Pork Sausages

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Designed for the Chef

The last meal your guest has when they stay with you is probably breakfast.

In everything we do we consider ensuring your guest has a memorable meal


Letting the product speak for itself

We can talk all day about why we think you should buy our products, but we think you should try them and decide for yourself

If you would like a taster from our Combinations Range just click below.

Yes we charge for them, but with free delivery and a discount voucher to the value of the sample when you place your first order

Why Curious Pig ?

Born from frustration & disappointment

The idea for Curious Pig came from our desire to create the perfect Full English Breakfast. We were tired of sampling bacon that shrank to a quarter of it’s size when cooked and just seemed like a carrier for salt that left you wanting to drink water all day. Oh and that nasty white scum.

Sausages that were simply left on the side of the plate because they were too overpowering, which were seasoned and kept repeating on you reminding you of your breakfast experience.

Developed with passion

Our bacon is all low in salt, taken from fresh short cut loins of pork, dry cured with our own cure blend. Unlike commercial bacon where there can be up to 30% added water we actually lose 20% of the original weight in the process.

It’s not the meat content that makes for a good sausage, it’s the meat you use. Our breakfast sausages are made using a mix of fresh pork shoulder and pork belly, we season the meat purely to enhance the flavour of the pork. We use binders purely to enhance the eating texture of the sausage, we use no rind or fat emulsions often dubiously claimed to be meat.

To enable us to utilize the whole pig we added our own range of cooked hams, again no added water here, cooked traditionally as if you cooked them at home.

Sold with a dose of reality

Most of our customers are in the foodservice industry and we know they have budget constraints placed on them when creating a menu.

Yes we are first to admit that at first glance, our bacon is more expensive than commercial quality bacon, but then we are not selling you water. In fact if you consider the slices per kilo the price difference is actually negligible for a product of far superior quality.

Although all our sausages are made using time honoured artisan butchery techniques, using small batch manufacture. We use modern machinery to ensure every sausage is the same weight and thereby the same unit price.

By far our greatest overhead is distribution, to mitigate these costs we offer massive discounts for buying in bulk, passing on up to 40% savings to you.


We deliver via courier across the UK. To help minimise our carbon footprint we only deliver 2 days per week, Wednesday & Fridays.

Orders need to be placed 2 days prior to to required delivery date:

Wednesday Delivery orders placed no later than Midday Mondays.

Friday Delivery orders placed no later than Midday Wednesdays.


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