Creating the Perfect Full English Breakfast

Award-winning traditional butchers sausages and dry cure bacon combinations designed exclusively for the discerning chef




A selection of traditionally made butcher’s sausages and dry cure bacon designed in harmony to work together on the breakfast plate


Our Gold Pork Sausage lightly seasoned to enhance the flavour of the pork, combined with our Traditional Mild Dry Cure Bacon makes for a breakfast where the meats are centre stage without any overpowering flavours.


A memorable breakfast using our Olde Devonian Pork Sausage which is coarser cut with added herbs and spices, combined with our Beech Smoked Dry Cure Back Bacon taking breakfast to a whole new level of flavour & texture.

Free From

Similar in flavour profile to our Traditional Combination with the addition of our Award Winning Gluten Free Pork Sausage and Nitrate Free Back Bacon



What Makes our Bacon So Good

Time honoured artisan charcuterie skills are used to produce our bacon. Every loin of pork is dry cured individually by hand to our own bespoke recipes. No mass manufacture processes here.

  • Short cut premium pork loins with very little tail, means your customer gets more eye of the bacon and no waste on the side of the plate.
  • Dry Cured with no added water, in fact we lose 20% of the original weight during curing,
  • Up to 50% more bacon weight than other commercially available bacon means a higher yield for you.
  • Minimal shrinkage when cooking
  • No nasty white scum
  • Real Beech Wood Smoke, not liquid smoke.



Just Proper Butcher’s Sausages

Traditionally made authentic butcher’s sausages, juicy, tender and moreish.

  • High Meat content
  • No Rind or Fat Emulsions
  • Minimal shrinkage when cooking
  • Choice of natural or collagen casings
  • Uniform size and weight for easy costings
  • Low salt & fat



Designed for the busy kitchen

Having worked with chefs for over 50 years, everything we do is aimed at making life easy.

  • A sensible range of pack sizes to avoid waste.
  • Made to order to maintain optimum freshness
  • Batch traceability to maintain Quality Control procedures.
  • Easily order & reorder through our distributors or our secure online portal.
  • Tiered volume discounts
  • Set delivery days



Don’t take our word for it

We are so proud of our products we  believe in letting them speak for themselves

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